Spirituality Course

I will help find your ‘Why’ of Spirituality. I will help understand what is real spirituality and how and to what extent you can achieve in your life. I will help developing spontaneity of life. I will help discovering true meaning of life. I will help you to live in awareness. I will help seeing unity of all creations and being a part of it at the same time. I will help exploring mystical dimensions of life. I will help you to live here and now – but at the same time learning from past and planning about future. I will help achieving Holistic reason. I will help understand and celebrating diversity. I will help learning compression. I will help you from field dependence to field independent standing against the crowd and having your own convictions.

Learn value of spirituality like humility, altruism and ability to reframe standing back from a situation and seeing the bigger picture and wider perspective for effective decision making.

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