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Vikram Verma

 Vikram Verma is a seasoned life coach dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve personal and professional fulfillment. With over a decade of experience, he has helped countless clients navigate life transitions, overcome obstacles, and set and achieve meaningful goals and form a meaningful life. Vikram’s approach blends evidence-based techniques with empathetic listening and tailored strategies to guide clients towards clarity, confidence, and self-awareness.  As a certified coach and motivational speaker, he conducts workshops and seminars on topics ranging from mindfulness and resilience to leadership and communication .He is learned in coginitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, Emotional healing, Theta Healing and past life regression therapy. He has sound knowledge in developmental, physiological, personality, clinical, organizational ,abnormal and social psychology. His school and organizational psychology skills are amazing . He works in both one to one and group sessions .He has conducted hundreds of group sessions and thousands of one to one sessions, He has inspired life of thousand and thousand people. Passionate about personal growth and transformation, Vikram Verma is committed to inspiring others to live authentically and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Talk Therapy (Psychotherapy)

May be you should talk to life coach Vikram Verma. Vent out your stressful and painful emotions. Find Immediate Relief. 

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing promotes a healthy mental state by addressing unresolved emotions and trauma, which leads to reduced anxiety, depression, and stress, Fostering a more positive mindset.

Money Manifestation

Money manifestation theta meditation is a type of guided meditation aimed at helping you manifest wealth and abundance in your life.

School Psychology

 School psychology is the practice of Health and positive psychology and it is concerned with children, youth, families, and schooling processes. School psychology promotes a positive learning environment for children.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counseling provides a supportive space for couples to address conflicts and improve communication. It contributes to overall well-being by improving satisfaction and happiness in relationships.

Book Writing Consultancy

Book writing consultancy is a service provided by professionals who specialize in guiding and supporting aspiring authors through the process of writing and publishing a book. These consultants offer expertise in various aspects of writing, such as plot development, character creation, editing, publishing options, and marketing strategies.

Image Enhancement

Image coaching helps you enhance your personal and professional presentation by focusing on aspects such as grooming, clothing, body language, and communication skills. Through tailored guidance and feedback, an image coach empowers you to develop a confident and authentic image that is consistent with your goals, boosts self-esteem, and makes a positive impact in a variety of settings.

Work-Life Balance Coach

Work-life balance is establishing productivity at work while maintaining health and well-being by minimization of work-related stress. Why is work-life balance important? It improves the mental health of employees and increases their productivity which ultimately benefits businesses. Employees whose work-life balance is well maintained stay motivated, positive and are more efficient.

Children Counselling

Counseling for children helps them express their feelings, cope with challenges, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. It provides a safe space to explore their feelings and develop problem-solving skills, ultimately promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy aims to uncover and resolve unresolved issues from past lives that may be influencing current behavior or emotions. By exploring these experiences, you can gain insights, be released from emotional burdens, and experience healing on a deep level, promoting personal growth and self-awareness.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation techniques to access the subconscious mind, addressing issues such as anxiety, fear, and addiction. By harnessing the power of suggestion, it helps reframe negative patterns, promote positive change, and enhance overall well-being.

Career Counseling

Career counseling guides you in exploring your strengths, interests, and values, connecting them with suitable occupations. It promotes informed decision-making, boosts self-confidence, and ensures a fulfilling career path.

Theta Meditation And
Theta Healing

Theta meditation, or Theta Healing, induces a deep state of relaxation by harnessing the theta brainwave frequency. This enhances emotional healing, stress reduction, and increased intuition.

Wellness Course

A wellness course empowers you to prioritize overall health. Learn self-care practices, stress management, and healthy habits. Get tools for physical, mental, and emotional well-being to promote a balanced fulfilled life.

Work From Home

Working from home(Business) offers flexibility, autonomy, and less stress of commuting. Maximize productivity, create personalized work environments, and achieve better work-life balance. Experience the benefits of a home-based business.  

Bring Your Business Online

Bring your business online to expand reach, attract a global audience, and increase sales. Establishing a digital presence increases visibility, promotes customer engagement, and provides convenience for both you and your customers.

Mindset And Productivity Coaching

Mindset and productivity coaching enhance your mental outlook and efficiency, Gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and develop habits for success. Unlock your full potential and achieve your goals with personalized guidance and support.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga and meditation develop physical and mental health. Embrace balance, flexibility, and inner peace. These exercises reduce stress, improve focus, and promote overall health. Enhance your mind-body connection through mindful activity and meditation.


Mentoring is a professional relationship between me and you in which I provide guidance, advice, and support to you , to help you develop your skills, knowledge, and career path. Mentoring typically involves sharing experiences, providing feedback, and offering encouragement to facilitate your growth and development.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a process where I  as a leadership coach work with individuals or groups to enhance their leadership skills, effectiveness, and overall performance. I help by providing guidance, feedback, support, and accountability tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual or group being coached. This may involve identifying strengths and areas for development, setting goals, creating action plans, and offering strategies and tools for improvement.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coach brings positive change in individuals. Transformational coaching is a form of coaching that focuses on facilitating deep and lasting change in individuals. It goes beyond surface-level goals and addresses underlying beliefs, values, and behaviours. This type of coaching aims to help individuals gain self-awareness, identify limiting beliefs, and develop new perspectives and behaviours that align with their goals and values. It helps by providing support, guidance, and tools for personal growth and transformation.

Happiness Coach

As a happiness coach I help individuals identify their goals and values, develop strategies for personal growth, and cultivate a more positive mindset and lifestyle. I use various techniques such as positive psychology, mindfulness practices, goal setting, and behavior change strategies to bring about positive change in your lives. By providing support, guidance, and accountability, as a happiness coach I empower my clients to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and increase overall well-being.

Productivity Coach

As a productivity coach I help individuals or teams improve their efficiency and effectiveness in achieving their goals. I offer strategies, techniques, and accountability to help clients manage their time, tasks, and priorities more effectively. I provide personalized guidance, goal setting, time management techniques, and organizational strategies tailored to the specific needs and challenges of  clients.

Spirituality Coach

As a spirituality coach  I try to  help individuals explore and deepen  spiritual beliefs.I try to help people attain a state of deep tranquility and meaningful life.

Karmic Healing Course

Karmic healing is a spiritual concept based on the belief that actions in past lives can influence one’s current life and future lives. It involves identifying  and releasing negative karmic patterns or energy to promote healing and personal growth. This process can involve various techniques such as meditation, energy work, past life regression therapy, and forgiveness practices. The goal is to resolve karmic imbalances and restore harmony to one’s life.

Mind Programming for Positivity

As a NLP coach, I specializes in using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help individuals achieve personal and professional goals, improve communication skills, and overcome limiting beliefs or behaviours. I help clients by guiding them through exercises, conversations, and subconscious techniques designed to reframe perspectives, enhance self-awareness, and facilitate positive change in their lives.

Hypnoprayers course

Hypnoprayers is a course that combines elements of hypnosis and prayer to facilitate deep relaxation, focus, and spiritual connection. It involves guided meditation techniques paired with affirmations or religious/spiritual prayers.

DMIT Testing

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientific method used in career counseling to assess an individual’s innate intelligence, strengths, and potential. DMIT is based on the study of fingerprints, palm patterns, and brain lobes’ distribution to analyse various aspects of an individual’s personality and intelligence.

Positive Psychology Course

As a positive psychology coach, I use principles from positive psychology to help individuals achieve greater well-being and fulfilment in their lives. I help people focus on strengths, positive emotions, and personal growth rather than just fixing problems or weaknesses. I assist people in setting and achieving goals, cultivating resilience, enhancing self-esteem, improving relationships, and finding meaning and purpose in life. Overall, I support you in developing a more positive outlook and mindset.

Who is a Life Coach?

A life Coach is a professional who guides individuals in setting and achieving personal and professional goals. Through supportive and motivational methods, a life coach empowers clients to unleash their potential and create fulfilling lives.

What Life Coach Does Not Do?

I will not provide immediate results and instant solution to your problems achieving your goals requires your time dedication and commitment.

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What They Say

He is amazing life coach, he listens very empathetically and gives new perspective to see the problems. Problem starts appearing as opportunity I wish everyone should meet him once in lifetime
Vaishali Rajput
I was having very pessimistic view of life. His happiness coaching sessions change my thinking. He hits hard on sadness. I am thankful to God and him for being there for me.
Anil Kumar

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“My Ethic – Your Story Will Remain Confidential With Me”.   

Result – You Will Feel Immediate Relaxation

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You can connect me if you are looking for positive approach in life. You can connect me to transform your life from a meaningless life to a meaningful life. You can bring change in your life from unproductive to productive life style. You can connect me to get rid of negativity and unresolved issues in life. You can connect me to do and learn CBT Hypnotherapy, NLP, Theta meditation and healing, Emotional Healing. Connect with me to vent out your burdensome feelings and find immediate relief. Connect me for counselling related with issues like
1. Empty life 2. Meaningless life 3. Difficulty in experiencing happiness 4. Worthlessness 5. Hopelessness 6. Suicidal thoughts 7. Stress 8. Job stress and Unemployment. 9. Under employment 10. Marital discord 11. Divorce 12. Separation 13. Dissatisfaction with current scenario of life 14. Being stuck effort not yielding proper results 15. Career growth problems 16. Difficulty in wealth generation 17. Not knowing why of life. 18. Problems in fulfilling esteem needs 19 Academic performance problems 20. Indecisiveness in choosing career  21. Conflict in mind, approach/ approach, approach/ avoidance, avoidance/ avoidance 22. Fearful dreams 23. Insecurity 24. Inferiority complex 25. Excessive daydreaming 26. Extreme loneliness 27.Mood swings 28.Uncontrolled emotions. 29.Sleeplessness. 30.Bad and unproductive habits. 31.Mental stress due to family issues. 32.Relationship issues  33. Mood swings  34.Tension 35. Feeling low all the time 36. Performance related issues 37. Emotional issues 39. Diffuculty in experiencing positivity 40. sleep paralysis.

Connect me for school training. School psychology Connect me for strong and powerful image building. Vent out your emotions (Talk therapy, psycho therapy [maybe you should talk to life coach Vikram]
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,mood swing counselling ,emotional healing ,brain programming ,mindset coaching, wellness coach ,depression counselling
,therapy for health ,clinical hypnotherapy
Karmic healing course mentoring, wisdom course, spirituality course, meditation and yoga course, Mind programming(NLP), Career counselling, Silence meditation.

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