School Psychology With Life-Coach Vikram Verma

What is School Psychology?

School psychology is practice of Health and positive psychology and it is concerned with children ,youth ,families and schooling processes .School psychology promotes positive learning environment for children .

Who is school psychologist ?

School psychologist are trained in educational, development, General Psychology ,counselling , physiological and social psychology. School psychologist give wholesomeness to learning experience.

How does School psychologist helps?

School psychologist helps to build positive learning environment .School psychologist understand the collective mind of students ,teachers and parents to Foster good learning experience.

How school psychologist help can be taken by schools and educational institutions?

Every school and educational institution has certain specific problems, open lectures, workshops and counselling procedures has to be Tailored according to the need of group size and target behaviour or skills.

How school psychology works?

It works with open lectures where certain topic is discussed in open ended question answer sessions. Open lectures of teacher and parents can be conducted .It works with students workshop where certain behaviour are synthesised and corrected .It works with personal counselling sessions were one can discuss personal problems. Furthermore skill courses are conducted for teachers.

School psychology helps in building parental trust on children and teachers.
It helps teachers to understand parents, teachers and management demands. This bring good learning, and helps in productivity.

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